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The settings are magical and musical worlds that includes original heroes and villains, monsters, characters, weapons, kingdoms, spells, and much more. Recommended for ages 12 and older.

Dreamco protospiel game schedule

for june 7th

GameDateDayTime (MST)DurationAge
Onamona06/07/22Tues06:00:00 PM1/2 H0URAll
FLIP ‘N’ SKIP06/07/22Tues06:30:00 PM1/2 H0URAll
Neversnake06/07/22Tues07:00:00 PM
Decaball06/07/22Tues08:00:00 PM1/2 H0URAll
Castle Dragons06/07/22Tues08:30:00 PM1/2 H0URAll
Skyrose06/07/22Tues09:00:00 PM1 HOURAll



FLIP ‘N’ SKIP is a fast and fun color strategy game for 2-4 players. The rules are:

  • Red jumps Green
  • Green jumps Blue
  • Blue jumps Red

In addition, players can choose to flip a chip to reveal a white, gray, or black bottom, which will result in the following:

  • White – lose 1 chip to the board
  • Gray – move once on the board and take one chip
  • Black – make a multi-skip move on the board

Players hold chips in a pile called their Hand and can flip them over to use the grayscale chips.

The goal is to collect 2 of each colored chip in your victory pile (for 3-4 players) and 3 chips in a 2-player game.


Players: 2-4

Game Length: 90 minutes

Ages: 12+

Neversnake is a strategic adventure game. Players use tokens to tell stories about their adventures which can propel them forward towards their goals while holding other players back.

Players collect points for every territory they conquer. After 8 rounds, whoever has conquered the most territory, wins.

View the game rules.


Decaball is a fantastically fun tabletop pinball game for two players.

In the game, an alien robot army is invading Earth and your job is to stop them with every weapon at your disposal.

Each team has 1 spinner, 3 space stations, 10 robots, and 10 projectiles to use against their opponents. Players draw cards to collect more weapons, including:

  • Spinners
  • Cannons
  • Ramps
  • Blockers
  • Force Fields
  • Space Stations
  • Satellites

After all the robots are cleared from the board, whoever has the most robots on Earth wins the game.

Castle Dragons

Castle Dragons is a great game for two people who want to have an epic duel.

Each player has a castle that holds a royal family of 4 plus 2 guards and a dragon. The two families, the Hearts and Clovers, are constantly at war. Each player has an adjustable-height catapult they can use to launch Dragon Discs at their opponent. When a disc hits a character, they are removed from the castle.

The players also draw cards to see how many protective shutters they can put over their castle openings on each turn.

Players take turns firing at each other and whoever knocks the other castle completely out of commission wins the game.


Skyrose – info coming soon.


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