I’m so thrilled you’re reading this, because Wildchord took a loooooonnnng time to make.

In 2014, a group of my animation students worked with me to develop art for this project. I wrote the story, Johnny Banh drew the comic, and Maria Rice created the cover art. Several other students contributed concept art.

Unfortunately, both Johnny and Maria soon left to work on other projects, so I put the comic on hold for a few years.

Fast forward to spring 2017, when I met Riri Yoshizawa in a web design class I was teaching. She was drawing comics on an iPad! I asked her to ink this comic, and a few months later, I collaborated with a great writer, Casie Kerton, to edit the story.

Over the summer and fall, I worked with a few students to develop color samples for the comic. And in the spring of 2018, I asked an artist from the Philippines, named John Paul Trinidad, to color it. A student of mine, Mekayla Crawford, also helped prepare the comic pages for coloring.

Many talented people put their time and passion into this project, and I am very grateful for their work. I hope you enjoy Wildchord as much as we did.

Greg Loumeau
November, 2018